Thursday, November 21, 2019

The democratization and personalization of the media Essay

The democratization and personalization of the media - Essay Example He's also a fanatic user of the WEB. Aside from using the WEB for his job for current events from local to abroad, he uses it also for his personal purposes. According to him, its "one of the fantastic form of media. A great source of information as well as disinformation. It is like an online library where you can access everything that you want to know. Everything that is relevant to my job like newspapers, journals, and books are all in the Web without actually visiting the library. And find it very comfortable and effective." Nowadays, the web hit the bigtime, everyone got online, everyone got high-speed access at work, and make technology know-how unnecessary. The information on the World Wide Web can be accessed and searched through the Internet, a global computer network.The amount of information on the Web continues to grow rapidly, it offers different services, in online commerce, the Web is replacing traditional catalog for ordering in just a mouse click. Users form a cross-section of society, including students preparing term papers, physicians researching the latest medical information, and college applicants investigating campuses or even filling out application and financial aid forms online. Other users include investors examining the trading history of a company's stock or evaluating data on various commodities and mutual funds. All the necessary information is available on the Web. b. How the web influences personal relationships "You've Got Mail!" I'm actually excited when receiving mails from my listeners and give comments about a certain topic." He makes discussion with them through e-mail and sometimes blogging his ideas in different forum in regards to current issues like love, education especially in politics. The web truly influences him when in comes to personal relationships as he is a happy married man. He contributes his so-called "loving-ideas" in forum area and share different ideas and opinions on "how to have a happy married life". Web offers e-mail, web blogs and chat rooms. These are accessible by many web users. It is designed to make a easy communication, it allows the users to post and read messages as well as personal messages that makes people to share ideas in certain discussion. c. How the web influences the enjoyment or happiness "During my rest hours and after work I used to listen to my favorite and top music I downloaded from the Internet. It's so relaxing". Sometimes I watch videos featuring a documentary and historical videos from the past. I really enjoy it." Web is a source of music and video. It provides multimedia such as audio and video. Mr. Buting is very proud to present his latest video captured from the Web that features the

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